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Corporate social responsibility

Health Care
As part of its commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Nabeel has gone environment-friendly by using packaging made up of recyclable materials. Usage of environment-friendly raw materials in all the products ensures reduced carbon footprints — even shopping plastic bags that we use are biodegradable.

Education is the key to unlock the human potential! To boost the level of literacy, Asghar Al Attar has started a charitable trust in Yemen and recently another in India. The trusts provide free education, medical aid, scholarships and collaborate with NGOs on issues of social relevance. The centers aim at providing basic education to the needy, and it also offer scholarships and subsidized assistance to deserving students, especially those who wish to pursue advanced studies.

Vocational Training
In order to buttress the educational & learning experience of our employees, the organization provides counseling and training to the staff, and that, in turn, gets manifested in innovations and product improvements.

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