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The first step is market research, which is undertaken by the marketing department, with the basic aim of gauging the evolving trends in the fashion industry, in general, and perfume industry, in particular. With such gathered knowledge, the marketing minds embark upon a journey to conceive new ideas for products and to establish innovative concepts.


The design team and Graphic-designer then create bottle and packaging designs, on the basis of the information provided by the marketing team. In collaboration with our partners in France, our in-house perfumer creates the fragrance, which is then tested among the consumer targets and re-worked until the perfect blend is achieved.


With the fragrance and the design selected, the development team chooses the best suppliers of raw materials like glass-makers, plastic injectors, packaging manufacturers, etc for the initial stages of production.


Nabeel Perfumes fully control the entire manufacturing process, with both production units in the U.A.E. These units consist of sophisticated, state-of-the art machinery which automates every aspect of production into an organized and controlled system. There are automatic machines through every stage of production, from spray filling to packing and crimping of bottles, and there are machines for the printing and labeling of each bottle which include pad printing, silk screen, foiling machines and automatic labelers. 

Once these bottles are complete they are packed into their unique boxes and then wrapped by the cellophane/heat sealing machines and finally packed into shippers. 

This ensures that the products meet Nabeel’s standard of Reliable Quality and are delivered with an adherence to our stringent delivery schedules, to each of the countries where our products are distributed. 

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